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Volunteer dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, dental/hygiene students, and anyone who wishes to have dental experience are welcome to join the Cayo Dental International Volunteering Program in Sri Lanka.

With this program, you'll learn how to diagnose and treat oral problems and disorders by witnessing skilled dentists perform operations. Participate in monthly dental outreaches in underserved communities to gain hands-on experience. You will do basic health exams under supervision. You will work in the historical city of Kandy and experience everything that daily life in Sri Lanka has to offer.

Our Aims and Impact

The goal of this project is to give people who are interested an opportunity to learn something practical that will help them in their future careers.

Many of the people who sign up for our programme are students or recent graduates looking to learn and gain real-world experience. You’ll learn from qualified and experienced dentists who are eager to help you develop.

Join us on a Cayo Dental International Volunteering Programme in Sri Lanka that incorporates both observational and practical work for a well-rounded experience that will boost your profile.

Is Cayo Dental International Volunteering Programe Suitable for me?

Are you considering a career in the field of dentistry? Perhaps you are a current student or a recent graduate. If that's the case, this programme is right for you.

Your primary duty in this programme is observation. This means you can join us and learn even if you have no prior experience or training or you are not related to the field of dentistry. You must, however, be at least 18 years old.

In Sri Lanka, you will receive vital dentistry job experience by learning directly from expert dentists. To get the most out of your experience, we encourage you to ask questions and take notes. It will also help you to build your profile and provide you with fantastic topics to discuss in applications or interviews. More hands-on work may be provided at the discretion of our dentists, depending on your level of expertise or study.
Our team members will assist you in every step during your trip abroad. Their responsibility is to guarantee that your internship operates smoothly. You will also be supervised by a dentist during your time at the dental unit.

This programme is offered all year, however we recommend you to remain for at least two weeks to get the maximum benefit of the programme. Our start and end dates are flexible, so you can start and end whenever you like.

What will I do during my Cayo Dental International Volunteering in Sri Lanka?

You will learn about many different facets of dental practice while working at Cayo Dental. You will participate in the following activities:

Observe professional staff at work in a dental unit.

Your primary responsibility during this volunteer programme will be to shadow experienced dental staff at work at Cayo Dental. You will have a better understanding of various dental procedures as well as general oral healthcare. You will also see a variety of techniques. We encourage you to ask questions and demonstrate your eagerness to learn. Our team here is eager to share their knowledge with you.

Assist with a variety of jobs as needed.

During your shift at the Cayo Dental, you may also have the opportunity to assist with a variety of different jobs. This is, however, contingent on your level of training and experience. Tasks may include teaching patients about proper dental hygiene, doing patient screenings, and assisting with patient care. You may also be required to prepare the region for dental work or to prepare materials for a procedure.

Participate in community outreach.

You will be able to participate in community outreaches with our team. We are collaborating with Wedasara Foundation for these outreach events. These give basic medical care to poor persons who might not otherwise be able to receive it. You will assist in taking vital indicators such as blood pressure and blood sugar levels throughout these outreaches. You will also assist in the distribution of drugs under the supervision of a doctor.

Workshops are a great way to learn new skills.

We conduct monthly workshops for all our volunteers. An specialist or a doctor will provide you basic training so that you may participate in community outreach. They will also tell you about common illnesses in the area and provide information on diagnosis and treatment. It's an opportunity to ask questions and expand your knowledge.

Participate in research activities

The Cayo Dental Research Center (CDRC) provides facilities and resources for translational and clinical research relevant to the pathogenesis, diagnosis, early detection, prevention, control, and treatment of oral diseases, disorders, and/or dysfunctions. You can gain research experience by working at the Cayo Dental Research Center during your stay with us.

Daily Routine of Cayo Dental International Volunteering Programe

After you’ve had breakfast in the morning, you will travel to your work placement via bus or trishaw. If it’s close enough, you can even walk.
On your first day, Cayo Dental staff will accompany you to show you the way.

A typical day on this volunteering experince runs from 9am - 12pm and 2.00pm - 4pm, Monday to Friday. Your hours may vary. Most of the time, you will be stayed close enough to Cayo Dental, you can go home for lunch. Otherwise, you can bring a packed lunch with you.

You will spend your time observing staff in the dental unit at Cayo Dental. This is a great way to experience a day in the life of a dentist and all that it entails.

From screening patients to minor surgical procedures, you will witness a wide range of different activities. Dental staff may need to you assist from time to time, whether you’re sorting case files or preparing materials for a procedure.

On certain days you will break away from to take part in community outreaches. This is a great opportunity to experience medical work in a different setting. On these outreaches, you’ll work under the supervision of a local doctor to check vital signs and dispense medication.

Once you’re done for the day, it’s time to enjoy all that Sri Lanka has to offer. You can spend time getting to know your host family over a delicious dinner, or explore the surroundings. We run regular social events for our volunteers, which is a great way to make new friends from around the world.

Living Arrangements

Internet: You have unmetered access to the internet at Cayo Dental .

Laundry: Laundry services are available for an additional fee.

Accommodations: You will be provided with two options. Cayo Dental have our own locations you can stay for your visit. You can stay with a host family in or around Kandy. They will welcome you into their home, eager to share their customs and have you teach them about your own culture. We believe that this is the best way to immerse yourself in the culture of Sri Lanka and have a truly unique experience.

Food: Three meals per day will be prepared by your local host or our in-house chefs, using local, fresh ingredients. Tropical fruit is available during every meal. Vegan, nut-free, gluten-free and lactose-free diets can be accommodated with advance notice. Tea, coffee and filtered water are available 24/7.

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