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100% Natural Bamboo extracts, thanks to invisible microspheres, act on enamel to removes teeth’s dark stains caused by smoke, sugary drinks, coffee, wine and tea. The combination of Bamboo, Arctic Lichens, and Non-Abrasive Silica prevents the formation of plaque and tartar and helps to restore the natural whiteness of teeth.

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BlanX Intensive Stain Removal 100% Natural artic lichens 75 ml toothpaste containing Arctic Lichen cleans without abrasiveness, restoring the teeth’s original whiteness day by day while combating stains.

BlanX Intensive Stain Removal toothpaste derives from natural Arctic Lichens and Bamboo micro powder to effectively remove stubborn stains and help restore teeth to their natural whiteness. The enriched formula of Arctic Lichen and Bamboo micro powder helps to remove stubbornness from smoking, red wine, and coffee. A non-abrasive and peroxide-free toothpaste that is suitable for daily use to whiten teeth without harming tooth enamel.


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