Teeth Replacement

Teeth Replacement

A missing tooth can change your appearance. It affects how you smile, how you talk to people, and how you eat. There can be many reasons behind a missing tooth, from tooth decay to injury to a genetic condition. There are many dental clinics in Sri Lanka where you can replace your teeth. Most dental clinics in Kandy offer three ways to replace a missing tooth, which are mentioned below.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most common type of teeth replacements. This is the most reliable type of replacement that looks good and feels like a real tooth. This is an option to consider when you are missing a single tooth or several teeth in different parts of your mouth. It is a permanent solution that can last for a lifetime if taken care of properly.

In this procedure, your tooth’s root is replaced by a metal screw that acts as a hook or an anchor for the implant. Once it’s done, the implants take a few months to heal that further secures the cap and fuses it to your jaw bone.

Fixed Dental Bridges

If you are missing more than one tooth in a single place, you are a candidate for fixed dental bridges. In this method, a dental prosthetic or an artificial tooth is used to bridge the gap between the missing spaces in your mouth, and then a dental cement used to fix them in place. They feel and look like natural teeth and even make the teeth on either side look better.

Removable Dentures

Another option is removable dentures, whether you need to replace the whole denture or a few teeth. In this method, the replacement teeth are attached to a natural-looking pink base. Your natural teeth hold the removable plastics in place, but some dentures have clasps that adjoin the natural teeth.

The takeaway is that you have multiple options for replacing a tooth or several ones, no matter how you lose them. Their cost may vary depending upon the replacement type, the number of replacements, and the dental clinic you choose. These options are effective and can last for years with just a little care.

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